This guide explains how to setup that Operator Tools is enable to remove produced units during a setup


Log in to the installation the follow these steps:

  • Log in to Office Tools and go to Administration>Configurations Keys
  • Set "MAX_CONCURRENT_ORDERS = 1" (change it to a higher amount if more then one order is running at the same time)
  • Go to Production>Measure points/Machines>Measure point configuration and open the configuration
  • Go to "Footer menu items" on the right side and disconnect "Waste" and "Rework" with the "Connect"-icon

  • Go to "Information" on the left side then go to "Production manager settings" in the top tab.
  • Enable following settings:
    • Search
    • Enable scrapping
    • Enable manual production
    • Add cycles on manual production
    • (OPTIONAL) Don´t use keyboard on manual production (if several orders are running at the same time then the second order wont be updated with the information until the page is reloaded)
    • Manual production quantity = -1

  • Save and close

Operator Tools

All Waste and Rework is done from Production Manager

To remove produced amount during a setup just press the "+" icon and type the amount you want to remove. 

Keep in mind not to delete the minus in front of the number

Scrap is possible as soon setup is finished by pressing the trashcan.