It is possible to work with Operator Tools without a login, but this also means that no logs will show which operator worked at that moment. To prevent this, you can make a forced login. It means that Operator Tools can only be used if an operator is logged.

In Office Tools, go to "System Administration", "Configuration keys" and select "Create"

Set Value as "True", and Key as "FORCE-LOGIN" (Case sensitive). Click then on "Save and close"

It will now look like this:

Open your measure point configuration

You need to a superUser for this. click on tab "Manu settings", and then on connect the "Operator login - Page menu item"

Select "Operators" and then "Save and close"

If you have not created operators, go to "Measure point" and click on "Operators"

Enter an name for the operator and a login code (only numbers)

Click on "save and close"