This guide shows how to add a PDF file to Operator Tools. However, it is not possible to upload PDF files directly to RS Production. The PDF needs to be uploaded to webpage, since RS can show contents on web pages.

Go to RSSTART (click on RS Production)

Search for pages, and open it

Click on "Create", and select "page"

Type a name, set page type to 14(Silverlight) 17(WPF), and paste the URL to the PDF, then "Save" (don't close the window yet)

In the left menu, click on "Menu items", then on "create". Type an optional name for the Operator Tools button. Check the "is a pop up" and "Operator Tools enabled" boxes. Click on "Save and Close"

Go to "Production - Measure point configuration" and open a configuration. Select either "Main menu items" or "Footer menu items" depending where you want the PDF button. 

Click on "Connect" and select the page that was created before. Click then on "Save and Close"

Restart Operator Tools client to apply the changes. The result will look like the example below