This guide explains how to work with comments set on Operator Tools shift reports

Every workshift on every measure point has its  own text log in RS Production.


Click the T-button to write a comment


All the shift comments will then be collected on  the text comment screen




Some different ways to search written shift comments

When you want to search for a specific text or word in a comment

In Office tools, press F1 or click the RS  Production logo on the top right corner to open RS Start. 

In the searchfield in the upper left corner,  write the text you a searching for. In the example we write the word “comment”.  

RS Start will show all comments given with the  word “comment” in them. Press the arrow icon to the right to open the  workshift’s object card and see all details. 


When you want to see what a specific shift wrote

In Office tools, there are several ways. One is  to go to the work shift on the Timeline report and click it to open its object  card. The comments are shown on the comments tab. 

Another way in Office tools is to go directly  in to the work shifts object card production schedule tool (Prouction menu). 

In Operator tools, you can view comments on  previous work shift by clicking the left arrow (previous shift) on the Shift  report page and then click the T-button to see the comments on that work shift.