Guide to how to add a website  in Operator Tools.

Click on RSStart.

Type 'menu' in the search box and select Menu-management.

Click on  Create.

1. Fill in what the name of the menu should be, eg Webpage.

2. You can fill in the sorting number in any chosen way of how you want it sorted. High numbers are sorted down in the menu

3. Tick the Operator Tools.

4. Click the plus sign to create a page.

Fill in the link name, eg Webpage.
Fill in Page type 14 (Important).
Fill in the url you want to display. For example.

Click Save and Close

Go to Production> Measurement Points / Machines> Measurement Point Configuration and select the measurement point configuration you are using. Then click Open.

Select Main menu items and then Connect.

In this case, select on "Webpage" then click on the green arrow.

Finally, 'Save and Close'

Now, the link will appear under the main menu in Operator Tools.